A US diplomat involved in a fatal car accident in Islamabad left for Afghanistan Monday, diplomatic sources said, after Washington assured he would be tried under US laws.

The move came days after Islamabad said it would restrict the movements of all American diplomats in the country in response to Washington’s similar restrictions on Pakistani embassy diplomats.

The Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) had on Sunday barred US defence attaché Col Joseph Emanuel Hall from leaving Pakistan, forcing an American military aircraft flown in for his departure to leave without him.

An Islamabad court had ruled his diplomatic immunity may not apply in the April 7 traffic accident in which the US attache’s vehicle hit a motorcycle, killing the 22-year-old driver.

US-Pakistani relations have deteriorated significantly since the beginning of the year, when Trump abruptly announced in a tweet a cutoff of military aid, which he said treated the United States with “nothing but lies and deceit” for 15 years.