islamabad-As the demand for water increases with the arrival of summer, the illegally installed suction pumps on the water supply lines continue to deprive those who do not opt for the illegal act.

The practice of illegally installing water suction motors at the main water supply lines is depriving many households of their due share of water as those involved in the illegal act, through these motors, draw major share of water supplied by the Capital Development Authority (CDA). The suction has made it almost impossible for the residents with no suction motors to get water through the supply lines, reveals a survey conducted by The Nation. The illegal installation of suction pumps has led to a vicious circle by forcing the remaining residents to opt for the illegal method of acquiring water. Those without water for weeks are left with no choice but to also install the motors.

With an overall decline in water supply by the CDA in the wake of dry spell and low water level in the dams, many streets in various sectors are deprived of direct supply of water for weeks.

However, the residents of sectors I-9 and I-10, being on the tail of water supplying system, have been facing the worst water shortage. Majority of the residents are dependent on CDA water tankers but getting a water tanker is another uphill task.

Many residents have also opted for boring. According to the officials, water extracted through boring further decreases the underground water level that is one of the main sources of water supply to the city.

Keeping in view the complaints, the CDA has decided to launch a crackdown against illegal water connections, installation of illegal suction pumps on waterlines and usage of the device for gas theft; compressor from August 5. According to the CDA officials, the practice is a serious crime. They said the crackdown would be launched on the directions of Islamabad High Court. The Authority has already asked citizens of Islamabad including residents of government houses and quarters to disconnect voluntarily all such connections, water suction pumps, and devices from electricity transmission lines and gas supply lines. The operation will start from 5 August in which illegal connections will be disconnected and strict action will be taken against the violators.

 In August 2017, CDA, on the directions of Islamabad High Court, launched an operation against the illegal connections of water, electricity and gas as well as illegally installed suction motors on water supply lines in government residential accommodations. During the campaign, inspection teams from CDA, IESCO and Sui Gas visited 541 government houses in sectors G-6/3, G-6/4, F-6/3, F-6/4, G-8/2, I-8/1, G-10/2 and G-10/3. The operation was launched. Following the directions of Islamabad High Court, Member Administration CDA, Yasir Pirzada had constituted a joint special team comprising Enforcement Directorate, Sanitation Directorate and Water Supply Directorate to make this operation a success. However, a little has changed since then. Interestingly, there was no operation in I-series sectors which have been facing worst water shortage.  

In January 2018, the MCI also had formed a committee to disconnect illegal water connections from the main supply line of Simly Dam. The illegal connections and leakages are a big reason for water shortage in the federal capital. The committee included chairmen of union councils along with director water supply but it could also change a little on the ground.