ISLAMABAD-Capital Development Authority endeavours for conserving Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT)’s green reserves are in full swing where it has planted 300000 saplings during spring plantation.

CDA Director Environment Wing Irfan Niazi on Monday said that the Authority under Prime Minister’s Clean Green Pakistan initiative’s 10 Billion Tree Tsunami had planted 3 lac saplings in the spring season plantation. However, another 3 lac saplings target had been set for the coming Monsoon season, he added.

He said that during the plantation drive mostly indigenous plant species had been used namely in the greenbelts mostly planted trees were Siris (Albizia lebbek,) Jacaranda (Jacaranda mimosifolia), (Sapium chinensis), Kachnar (Bauhinia variegate), Amaltas (Casia fistula), Gul Nishter (Erithrina indica), Silver Oak (Grevilea robusta), Arjun, Ficus Pelicon (Ficus pelican), Sukh Chain, Dhak (Butea frondosa), Pear (Pyrus pasha), Plum Peaches (Prunus padus) Shrubs: Tecoma stans, Holmskiodia.

He added that in the median strips of the federal capital, the trees planted were Gab, Alstonia, Amaltas, Kachnar, Largestromia, Stercolia, Brochicotton, Citrus, Washingtonia Palms. The shrubs implanted during the drive were Ficus hawi, Bougainvillea, Casia glauca, Plambago, Hypericum, Hamelia pattens, Jatropha, Erithrina blacki, Hibiscus, Psuedonia, Silvery, Duranta, Roses.

Director CDA Environment Wing said keeping in view the beautification of the avenues Chir pine, Jacoranda, Amaltas, Kachnar, Fiddle wood, Kanak champa were utilized for plantation. For streets, he said Celtis, Arjun, Silver Oaks, Ficus Pelicon whereas in the parks and playfields Ficus pelican, Sukh chain, Michelia, Hibisucs, Fics Green, Ficus hawi were planted.

He also said that in the parking areas Bakain, Sukh Chain, Ficus Retusa, Bischofia while in the nullahs Salix, Poplar, Jaman, Arjun were planted.

Niazi said that the area wise need and utility of the indigenous plants was kept into consideration whereas for the house fronts Alstonia, Plumaria Obtusa, Magnolia, Ponsitea, Ashok, Peaches, Moraya, Palms saplings were used for urban forestation. For the grills and walls Chlorodendron, Bougainvillea, Honey Suckle, Rangoon creeper, Bomentia, Tecoma grandi flora saplings were used.

For the rockeries Phoenix, Yucca, Agave, Asparagus, Cactus, Begonia, Juniper, Ruselia, Duranta, Iresine whereas for indoor plantation Aglaonema, Aucuba, Beaucarnea, Cladium, Coleus, Cycas, Dracaena, Dieffenbachia, Ficus benjmina, Pilea, Scheflera were used in the plantation, he added.

To a question, he said, “The issue of no water availability in the parks of the federal capital is known to the CDA Environment Wing whereas its water tankers hose down every playfield once in a week.”

“Water is essential for small plants, newly implanted saplings but for grown plants daily watering is not required as they become self growing plants,” he underscored.

Director Irfan Niazi informed that Expressway thoroughfare was at present not taken over by the contractor as its inventories were under process. Therefore, the plantation and look after matters would be made after getting its control from the contractor, he added.

Responding another question, he said around 3,000 sanitary workers of CDA Environment Wing were deputed for the plantation and looking after of the parks, green belts, medians and avenues and other plantation spots.