LAHORE   -     Faisal-led PFF executive committee and congress member Ijaz-ul-Haq has said that the position of government is obvious in presence of the MOU, it has already signed with International Olympic Committee (IOC).

“Efforts to involve the government in football affairs proves that they, Ashfaque and allies, have no strength in themselves. Everyone needs to remember that Pakistan government has signed an MOU with IOC according to which it is deemed to accept only those sports bodies, which are duly recognized by their respective international federations/associations.”

Ijaz termed the deliberate anti-football campaign an open war by Ashfaque and his allies, they have launched against the international football family. “Are they unaware of the consequences of such unwise and lethal behavior?

“Ashfaque and his allies are lying on one hand that they are in contact with FIFA & AFC and that the joint delegation of both was visiting Pakistan on their invitation, while, on the other hand, they are blatantly refusing to abide by the statutes of both,” Ijaz said.  Ijaz has also rejected the statement of Ashfaque, when he tries to seek the sympathy of the people. “Why he is telling that they are not asking money from the government or anybody else. This is just an effort of seeking sympathy of the people. Why Ashfaque is not telling the truth that they were handed over PFF accounts with a bulk of funds (Rs 180 Million), when they took over the PFF charge.” Talking about the national team’s camp, Ijaz said that in fact, Ashfaque and co don’t have the capability of holding the national team camp, that’s why they are looking here and there to put their responsibility on some others’ shoulders.