KARACHI-Commissioner Iftikhar Shallwani on Monday held an important meeting of the board constituted for the prevention of the fire incidents and overcome the losses of precious lives in the city at his office with the stakeholders of SBCA, Civil Defence, firebrigade, Energy, KE and civil society representatives.

The meetings discussed in details the recently incidents in the city in which huge losses happened. It was decided that a four-member task force is being constituted including SBCA, Chief Fire Officer and representatives of civil society and technical expert fire engineer. The committee will submit its recommendations for future preventions in the light of recently incidents.

The commissioner expressed his displeasure over the progress of SBCA and warned them that they would not issue any NOC to the any builders without giving completion certificates to them otherwise stern action would be recommended to the authority against negligent SBCA official.

He asked SBCA to submit full details of prosecution against defaulters’ builders and pursue the cases properly to save the lives of innocent people. They will also submit their progress report in the next meeting for on ward to the chief secretary Sindh. Iftikhar Dhallwani also sought details from Chief Fire Officer about their working, manpower, training capacity; positions of fire tenders, fire fighters, officers personnel for enhance their capacity on modern lines.

The commissioner also reviewed the progress of electric inspectorate and assured that their inspection tasks which were stopped in 2003 will seek guidance of the government to resolve the issue but they would continue to coordinate with all respective agencies to prevent the fire incidents in future to save the lives of innocent people.

DC East Ahmed Ali Siddiqui has briefed the meeting about bye laws and regulations of SBCA and other agencies for implement the laws properly has said that ACs will be bound to inspect the buildings etc and implement the laws with SBCA ensure check and balance for saving the precious lives, safety and security measures at all level.

The commissioner further warned that third party interest would be discouraged and countered in the court of law so as to implement the SBCA laws also they play their due role in this regard for the benefits of general public at any cost.