LAHORE    -    Young generation, particularly teenagers are the avid users of internet. The instant availability and accessibility of multiple digital devices and wifi have enhanced their online screen time and exposure to online risks. Therefore, the concept of parental internet mediation is of utmost importance. Parental Mediation involve parents-teens’ interaction, where parents take an active role in regulating teens’ internet use to ensure safety.

Sarosh Iqbal, a PhD Scholar (Sociology) at Institute of Social and Cultural Studies, University of the Punjab shared the preliminary findings of her dissertation, supervised by Prof. Dr. Rubeena Zakar in a seminar.

The research provided an insight of various dimensions of internet mediation, parents apply in regulating teens’ use of internet in district Lahore (Pakistan) and also highlighted the role of various predictors, influencing parental internet mediation for ensuring their teens’ online safety.

Research found that the concept of parental internet mediation is multi-pronged, limited not only to regulation in teens’ internet use, but also enhance their ability to perform online protection behavior.

Research also suggested the more active involvement of parents in teens’ online activities to minimize their exposure to online risks and maximize their online opportunities.