Recently I read a news that PFA had sealed a Fast food restaurant over the cheap quality of food. And it comes to my mind that our life has become so complicated that we hardly get any time even to enjoy our food – one of the basic necessities of life. We always remain in worry and hurry and most often we purchase fast food from the market and eat it anyway. On one side, we think that it is cheap, tasty and saves our time.

However, on the other, we fail to realise its damaging effects. None of the shopkeepers keeps an account of hygiene standards while preparing such items. They are below standard and are made ready haphazardly without due attention to the nutritional value. Their only concern is our tastebuds. Most often we enjoy it, but its effect on our body is very disastrous. It causes depression, tension, blood clotting, heart attack, allergy, rashes and even vomiting. These food items disturb our circulatory system as well as digestion.

As a result, we become victims of many a disease, and we have to knock the doors of the doctors thereby wasting wealth, health and time. If we want to lead a healthy life, we should avoid such cheap items for the sake of our health. I hope people will realise the results of cheap food as I have become a victim of heart diseases while eating fast food.

Usama Pervaiz,

Lahore, May 13.