LAHORE-Another episode, another topic worth bringing forth! Sadia Jabbar Productions’ web series Shameless Proposals just brought to us the disturbing #Bloodsuckingrishta and oh, what a brilliant way it has put forth the mentality of these vultures. Written by Saji and Atlas, and directed by Hunny Haroon, the episode puts light on how a girl’s parents in our society save up and collect valuables all their lives with their hard earned money, just to hand it all over at the end as dowry to the bloodsuckers who ‘accept’ it as payment for giving their daughter a (probably miserable) place to live.

Moreover, it doesn’t really help that parents in our society genuinely believe it is an actual right of the ‘larka walas’ to demand for not just a dowry, but valuable gifts at every phase of the poor girl’s life till her last breath.

And who are we to question this deeply ingrained, wonderfully ridiculous custom of our society? We do it, and we will be called those ‘liberals under Western influence’.

The girl’s dad had the perfect (satirical) solution to this though: Why bother spending all that money on schools and universities, getting the girl educated?

Wouldn’t it be just a better option to use the same cash and get her gender changed altogether? Apko bhi bara sa jahez miljaega; sub khush!