NOORPUR THAL - Assistant Commissioner (AC) Ch Jafir Gujjar visited Kaka Ada here the other day. On the occasion, he fined profiteers who were selling the fruits and vegetables on inflated prices despite Ramazan. The AC said that the crackdown against the profiteers would continue, and nobody would be allowed to fleece people. Earlier, Ch Jafir Gujjar also visited different shops of vegetables and fruits.

Meanwhile, he said that the holy month of Ramazan provided an opportunity for self accountability, tolerance and attending to the needy people with passion.

Talking to media, he said the affluent should take care of all needy communities during the holy month of Ramazan who needed attention. The AC added that Noorpur Thal Ramazan Bazaar had been established and all its related arrangements also had been monitored. The proactive approach was necessary for giving genuine relief to the people and permission would not be given to create any artificial price-hike. Stern action would be taken against those responsible for artificial hike, he added.