LAHORE - Provincial Industries and Trade Minister Mian Aslam Iqbal visited Anarkali Bazar, Ichra Bazar and other markets in order to review implementation on the chalked out SOPs to be observed by the traders in the markets.

ADCR Asghar Joiya also accompanied him. Aslam expressed his indignation over non-implementation on SOPs and also issued a stern warning to the shopkeepers.

The Minister while talking with media on this occasion lamented that trader community had promised to implement SOPs but the situation in the markets is on the contrary.

He further resented that SOPs have not been implemented in these markets in letter and spirit. He further outlined that it was agreed with the traders that entry of children in the markets will be prohibited but this undertaking was not fulfilled by them.

Besides shopkeepers, buyers are also seen without wearing masks which is quite dangerous phenomena, he added. The Minister asserted that if the prevailing situation persists then not only the timings of markets will be reduced but will also be closed down and a decision in this regard will be made soon.  He emphasized that traders will have to ensure responsibility along with the government in order to cope up with coronavirus.

Aslam Iqbal underscored that every person in the society will have to play his proactive role so as to effectively deal with coronavirus.

In reply to a question, the Minister disclosed that we are framing a policy relating to shopping malls. He highlighted that a line of action will soon be formulated to resolve parking problems in Anarkali Bazar.

Aslam Iqbal also distributed masks among the shopkeepers and citizens.