LAHORE - As per directions of Inspector General of Police (IGP) Punjab Shoaib Dastagir, police teams in all districts are strictly ensuring the implementation of instructions regarding containment of corona pandemic and violations of Hoarding Act, issued by Punjab government so that precious lives of the citizens may be saved. Likewise, police teams along with doctors are on the front line and taking steps under the supervision of DPOs to prevent from  coronavirus besides taking legal actions against hoarders under Hoarding Act.  Such callous hoarders are being arrested for selling equipment under undue profit. According to the details, police teams, in operation stated from 16th March, established 927 pickets where 26,88,16 vehicles and 62,7981 motorcycles have been checked. On these police pickets among 12,62,750 checked citizens 76,55,52 have been released on warning.

Security bonds have been taken from 51,950 citizens, whereas 24,980 citizens have been arrested by lodging 26,295 FIRs in violation against Section-144 and 26,863 citizens have been released on bail whereas actions have been taken against 5,105 shops and 248 restaurants.

Likewise, 1,105 cases have been registered against hoarding and legal action has been taken against 1,662 accused and 1,124 accused have been arrested whereas 538 released on bail.

In this regard, 160,82,75 kg wheat, 33,77,65 kg sugar, 25,08,01 masks, 999 Sanetizers, 28 Medical Equipment and 15,35,80 other food items have been recovered from the hoarders.