KARACHI - Experts and Doctors on the other hand had strictly opposed softening the lockdown and feared that it will open floodgates for the Covid-19. “It is known to all that in case of increase in number of corona patients, the system will not able to take care to all patients. As at the moment there are few corona dedicated beds available in five public sector hospitals in Karachi,” the officer bearers of Pakistan Medical Association maintained in a presser earlier. They feared that after the gradual relaxation in lockdown in all over the country, keeping in view unawareness of our people, undisciplined attitude and obstinate behavior, the floodgate of Covid-19 patients would open in the society. “Lockdown has been relaxed in other countries when the number of cases is on declining trend but in Pakistan the cases are already increasing and any relaxation will rapidly increase them further,” they had told earlier and advised the government to listen the voice of WHO, which time and again calling for the lockdown as an only effective preventive measure against the virus.