ISLAMABAD-The formulation of regulations for earmarking of temporary kiosk sites in layout plan by CDA is getting delayed due to the non-cooperation of the Directorate of Municipal Administration.  

The regulations for earmarking of temporary kiosk/khokhasites in the layout plan, 2020 was placed before the CDA board in its meeting held in February this year. However, the board instead of approving the same regulations has directed to send it to Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) first for their examination, evaluation and input. CDA being custodian of state land is mandated to earmark khoka sites thorough its planning wing while MCI is allowed to allot or issue licence to individuals according to local government act.  

Though, Islamabad is one and only planned city of Pakistan however unfortunately there are no formal regulations available to govern dozens of kiosks established across the city over state land.

In past, some of the khokas were approved by the city managers while a large number of khokas were operating without any sanction from the authority as well. Those who were given permissions were also based on pick and choose basis as there was no law in hand to allot pubic land to private individuals for kiosks.  

Now the authority has decided to bring these khokas into a framework and formulated these regulations however besides passage of more than two months the response of DMA is still awaited.

When contacted, the Director DMA ZafarIqbal has informed that he has forwarded the file to Mayor Office for approval after which the same would be sent to the Planning Wing of CDA.

“We don’t have an issue regarding earmarking of site and design preparation by the CDA but we want some addition and further explanation regarding mode of disposal of site,” he said.

According to purpose regulations, the previous kiosks will be considered cancelled once new regulations would be enforced, kiosks would not be earmarked in Right of Ways while no encroachment shall be allowed in addition to approved size. Pre-fabricated, de-mounted temporary structures would be allowed according to a design approved by the Directorate of Architecture CDA while there will be no permission to get gas and electricity connections and licensee will use solar energy, generator, gas cylinder etc. to fulfill his needs. The licencees would be responsible to keep the surrounding area of kiosks clean and green and he shall not create any environmental hazard. The land of kiosks shall remain property of the CDA and temporary sites will be non-transferable and no subletting shall be allowed.

The regulations also included the uses of kiosks which includes tea and coffee stalls, fast food and snack bar, tuck shops, fruit and vegetable shops, flower shops and newspaper and magazine stalls.

According to regulations, size of each kiosk site shall be maximum of 12 by 12 feet and member planning would be the competent authority to approve earmarking and deletion of such sites. The site would be earmarked in undeveloped commercial areas, developing commercial areas, left over or un-utilised land along service roads, highways, major city level roads and near bus stops and metro stations. Regulations are being formed while following the directions of the Federal Minister for Interior Brigadier Ijaz Shah who also chaired few meeting on the subject few months ago.