ISLAMABAD-In drama serial Kashf, there is one scene, where Wajdan (Junaid Khan) says: “I wish Kashf’s dad wasn’t her birth father. It would have been easier to explain everything that has been going on”. Wajdan is madly in love with Kashf (Hira Mani). Slowly, her visions come true, that love is turning into reverence. However, this has brought a series of challenges for Wajdan. Kashf was an obedient daughter from the outset. But now that God has given her a gift, she has decided to submit to God’s will entirely. That may or may not come to mean going through her cruel and obnoxious father’s plans. If that is her fate, she is willing to submit to it. That complicates things for Wajdan. He is in a delicate situation where he wants to respect the decision made by Kashf. But at the same time, it goes against his own desire. What’s more, on the face of it, it would cause Kashf much misery as well. When the episode ends, we feel sorry for both. While Hira Mani is doing a stellar job as the leading lady, it is Junaid Khan’s portrayal of Wajdan that adds much weight to the drama. In this episode, he has to go through a range of emotion. He is initially concerned about the marriage proposal for Kashf. When things turn out exactly how Kashf had predicted, he is delighted. At the same time, he has to show admiration and respect for Kashf. The director and dialogue writers didn’t give Junaid Khan much to play with here. Nevertheless, with his expression, he delivers the message vividly.