From the inception of the 21st century, the world of film production is dominated by Indian and English production houses.

As a nation, we mostly spend our leisure times streaming movies instead of reading books, and the absence of standard movies on Muslim culture adds insult to the injury. At the end of the day, Muslims also tend towards Indian and English movies. As a result, our youth is influenced by their culture.

I would love to write a letter of gratitude to the team of “Dirilis Ertugrul” and President Erdogan for introducing Muslim youth to Islamic norms and their Muslim forefathers by creating a masterpiece. Because of this, it is the very first time that Muslims around the globe feel proud to represent their heroes as Muslims instead of Indians or white ones. In the end, I would express my request top the PTV for the creation of such masterpieces to make Muslims familiar with Islamic culture and their forefathers, so we feel can proud of our culture.