According to the US Embassy in Islamabad, the countries being granted permanent membership in UNSC would be debarred the right of veto power, which the other five permanent members enjoy. This statement came in the backdrop of President Obamas recent announcement. India is at the heart of every controversy. Acknowledged, India is a country having more than one billion population with nuclear credentials. Yes, it is a developing economy, but with a sham democratic rule that unleashes human rights violations throughout its length and breadth. Its policies are driven by the mechanical paradigm of Attutung (non-negotiable) set of eccentric outlook - a combination of centuries old set of beliefs and practices. Such as the encroachment of neighbouring territories, making false promises and hollow claims, yet following a humble and submissive approach during international forums; walking in step with the superpowers and toeing an intriguing plan to pursue its policies that help it escape an international noose for playing any confidence game. Did anybody ever give a serious thought to how millions of people on this planet suffered at its hands and have faced the worst conceivable agonies in their lives? Depriving millions of poor tenants of their shelters, meagre land possessions and snatching their only source of earning in the name of development and industrialisation, who regularly visit Juntar Muntar in New Delhi to demonstrate and mark their resentment to the leaders. What goes on in Kashmir where people are being killed and maimed, hundreds of thousand children have been orphaned, women widowed, mothers and fathers deprived of their sons, daughters raped, molested and disgraced. How many have been displaced or are facing the adverse climatic conditions, lack of non-developmental infrastructure The people's income is shrinking or draining away their limited resources due to rampant corruption. Realities have many faces, as the Indian diplomats paint only the rosy picture and are seldom candid enough to divulge what lies under the glittering smiles, deceptive handshakes, friendly rhetoric and rationale thinking. Did anybody ever imagined that a nation aspiring to become the member of UNSC is not ready to come out of its shell of a medieval mindset, political outlook and immodest practices. The calculation of per capita income GDP or GNP is a misleading consideration, as the national wealth is pooled up in its national exchequer or concentrated in the hands of few families. It is said that 25 percent of total national income is owned by 100 business tycoons, the rest 25 percent among a few hundred affluent families and the remaining 50 percent is shared by one billion plus population. It is said that more than half of its population lives below the poverty line. Much is preached in the name of human welfare based on the Gandhi model, but the vicious cycle of exploitation and victimisation goes on with no end in sight. The same is true in the rest of its periphery - neighbouring states. No one ever imagined how corruption bites a common man. Where there is corruption, there is terrorism. A persons whole lifesaving is plundered and the victim accepts all the misdeeds with a regional attitude. What can he do to take revenge from the corrupt officials and swindlers? The product and by-products of corruption is sheer agony - a tragic saga of life for more than 500 millions of human soul. My logic may appear over-blown, exaggerated and devoid of facts, but will someone spare some of his precious moments to go through the travelogues, personal memoirs, tourist diaries and inside stories which are painting a true picture of India today. Many would shrink with fear and say why on earth people believe India is the greatest democracy in the world. The worth of a dollar in India is not the same as in New York. The people in India are deprived of the basic necessities of life; they fight for a glass of drinking water, which, in some instances, they have to fetch miles away from their homes travelling on foot in scorching heat. The words cannot make one feel how agonising it is, unless one is asked to travel and go there. This is the greatest dilemma, the people sitting in the cinema only watch the event; they cannot fully appreciate how one has to suffer and undergo the experience of the real sufferings. India invites the world to its land for investment, but desists from accepting mediation, the visit of a UN official or peace mission. The logic it weaves around is loud and clear that needs no verbal stretch, but its positiion is untenable, as in the case of Kashmir. Democracy in India means, the ethnic strength of any tribe vis--vis other tribes. So Hindus by virtue of their numerical strength would continue to remain the rulers. Corruption remains fixed as a constant factor. There is great thrust and force in the argument about prosperity, miracle growth, light of knowledge, but such chandeliers only illuminate in Delhi, not in the deserts of Cholistan, as mere slogans and glittering words cannot obliterate the realities. No one thinks why so many people raise a hue and cry everyday - when you deprive him of his respect, dignity, honour, pride and personal belongings. When you torture him physically and mentally under the patronage of official authority, weight of your influence, when no one is there to pay heed to his voice or redress his grievance, what would he be inclined to do? Bestowing this great honour upon India to be one of the permanent members of UNSC will cast a shadow on the other five most developed countries. For, this is a country riddled with so many controversies, stigmas, HR violations, poor economic profile, polarised into different factions due to ethnic divide and bleeding with communal violence. Would a permanent seat in the august body not prick the international conscience? The writer is a freelance columnist.