RAWALPINDI - Dog bite cases are getting alarming surge in various areas of Rawalpindi, reportedly latest victims in Dhoke Chiraghdin.

Earlier, there were several reports of such cases too but authorities concerned did not take any action and no has been initiated to get rid of stray dogs particularly from city areas.

The number of stray dogs is increasing consistently in the city that speaks volumes of the indifference on part of the authorities concerned, which seem unmoved to work on eradication of stray dogs for a long time. Stray dogs are seen roaming in every street and road of the town even in cantonment areas particularly in evening and night times.  In a number of localities in the city, it has become almost impossible for citizens to move freely at night because of great increase in number of stray dogs. Killing of stray dogs has never been taken seriously despite continuous rise in number of deaths due to dog bites. A large number of dog-bite cases are reported monthly, of which many have to succumb to death because of developing rabies. Most of the dog bite victims do not follow proper preventive measures to avoid rabies because of high price of anti-rabies tissue culture vaccine available in markets.

, while most of the public sector healthcare facilities cannot offer treatment to suspected patients of the rabies due to the reason. Residents of Rawalpindi have been complaining of the indifference shown by the authorities concerned on the subject.