ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court’s verdict in the dual nationality case, which has adversely affected mainstream political parties, was highly appreciated at all forums, but for many it will be interesting to know that highly prestigious position - chief justice of Pakistan - could be filled by a dual national.

“Yes, there is no bar on a citizen of Pakistan having dual nationality for appointment in the judiciary,” it was the simple one-liner written answer to a question “if the persons having dual nationality are eligible for appointment in judiciary?”

The question was put by Senator Syeda Sughra Imam of PPP, while it was answered by Minister for Law Farooq Hamid Naek during question-hour session of the Upper House of the Parliament. However, the question was not discussed at floor of the House, as mover of the question Sughra Imam was not present in the House.

It was astonishing for many present in the House if an ordinary member of the Parliament or member of some provincial assembly having dual nationality could not remain loyal to his/her country than how can a Judge.

“If parliamentarians cannot hold dual nationality, there should also be a ban on bureaucrats, army officials and judges of the superior judiciary,” Khawaja Muhammad Asif of PML-N has demanded few days ago during the course of proceedings of the National Assembly.

The Inter-Services Public Relation has also made it clear a few days ago through a press statement that as per military rules no one in service is allowed to have dual nationality. “If someone has dual nationality, he will have to surrender his foreign nationality before joining the service,” statement has said.