Yesterday was the day when neither 19 nor 21, but just ‘20’ people were killed in Karachi, according to leading newspapers. Should it be construed that it was a free killing day in the old capital of the country, whereby anyone anywhere and anytime could kill anyone? How could it happen in this particular city, which is the capital city of the province? Shouldn’t Karachi, being the financial capital and a cosmopolitan city very rightly boast of having all sorts of elite police force to defend its people’s life and property?The security arrangements in the city had been increased since the rangers too had been deployed, then how was this done and what made it possible? Will it be wrong to say that the police and other law enforcing agencies of the city are equipped with modern gadgets? If they lack in force they need to deploy more on curbing crime rather than providing security to politicians and government officials.Didn’t the Governor, Chief Minister and Inspector General of Police of Sindh say again and again that human lives and properties, irrespective of their mother tongue, are fully protected? What about the perpetual tall claims of Interior Minister of Pakistan, Malik Rehman who keeps flitting between Islamabad and Karachi, spending the poor taxpayers money like water on his travels, say that none should be alarmed and worried about the law and order situation in Karachi, because he is here to ensure peace? What happened to his promises? Didn’t we see that the incumbent Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf also announce that Karachites should not be scared anymore because now he was the reigning Prime Minister? Did not all the powerful meet in the president house to discuss overcoming the law and order problems of Karachi, or did they just go to have a good time and enjoy a free meal?Honestly speaking, overall law and order situation is bad in the country in general and Karachi in particular for many years if not decades but now the situation is becoming worst though it should be the other way around with democracy in the country. People are being killed on daily basis without any gap or lull; the difference from one day to another is only in the number of deaths. The funniest part of the sad episode is that the killers are never caught in majority of the cases. The deterrence of punishment has lost its awe and fear which is the worst part, to be honest. Who can we look at for stopping these killings? Gone are the days, when people were killed for only specific and personal reasons, now it seems that everyone has gone crazy and is killing each other for no reason but to spread terror and anarchy. When will we bring back peace to Karachi and who will do it?IQBAL HADI ZAIDI, Kuwait, November 11.