PESHAWAR - The National Highways and Motorway Police Sector M-1 (Islamabad Peshawar) on Tuesday started a road safety awareness campaign regarding driving in winter season especially in fog. 

In this connection, Sector Commander Sector M-1, SSP Muhammad Tahir along with his team and Motorway Police Mobile Education Unit were present at the main motorway toll plaza Peshawar.

While talking to media, SSP Tahir said that majority of people have heard of the horrific chain reaction accidents which occur normally during thick fog. However, foggy conditions also promote accidents because they affect perceptual judgments of speed and distance.

He said that fog affects driver’s perception. “If you drive in the fog, we caution against speeding while driving,” he said.

Even though the speed limit may be 50 mph that does not mean you should drive at this speed. In fact, speed limits are designed for driving in perfect conditions.

He also said, “If you drive at night in the fog, never use high beams. This will make conditions even worse.”