LAHORE – The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz President Muhammad Nawaz Sharif chaired a meeting of the party manifesto committee on Tuesday and reviewed the manifesto.

According the PML-N sources, the party has started looking into various chapters of the manifesto, beginning with the proposed plan to overcome energy crisis with a focus to surmount it in the shortest possible time after coming into the power. Sources said that manifesto committee chairman Senator Sartaj Aziz briefed the participants on energy crisis and presented his proposals to counter it.

They said the party members expressed satisfaction with the manifesto and appreciated efforts of the committee.

The PML-N sources said that the manifesto was being framed by keeping in mind the present day requirements and to lift the social status of the citizens with a view to enable them taking part in the nation building process and drive the country towards prosperity.

They said: “The manifesto has the detailed chapters on economy, law and order, social uplift, foreign policy, war on terror, defence, foreign relations, Kashmir, poverty reduction, industry and agriculture, taxation, education, health, development of human resources, minorities, women, youth development schemes, skilled workers, policy to attract investment, policy on ridding the country of internal and external loans, and strategy to bring peace in Balochistan and other restive parts of the country.

The sources said that the PML-N would hold a series of meetings to deliberate on each chapter of the manifesto. The next meeting will be held on Saturday.