KARACHI - Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon has said that land mafia, extortion and Taliban elements are involved in the lawlessness in the City, however the, government has given free hand to the police and Rangers to take action against such elements.

Addressing a press conference at his office on Tuesday, the information minister said that at total of 2,101 persons have been killed in the City during the current year, of which 370 people became the victims of the targeted killings. He said that 126 policemen were killed in this year.

Sindh government’s mouthpiece said that the provincial government was not sitting idle as law-enforcement agencies were taking action against the criminals, in which as many as 739 terrorists and criminals had been arrested while weapons were also recovered.

He said that destabilising Karachi was a plot to weak the country as interior as well as external hands were also involved in it. He added that the police and rangers have been given free hand to take action against the criminals irrespective of the language and political affiliation and to maintain law and order in the city, adding that Karachi is a mega city, where every killing cannot be termed as ‘targeted killing’.

Memon said that the Karachi was a huge city and it was not a small area like Swat, hence it was impossible to restore peace here in few days.

He claimed that the not a single convicted prisoner has been released on parole during the present government of PPP. He disclosed that the number of gangs is increased in the City which involved in forcible collection of extortion.

Memon said that ‘community policing’ had been started in old areas of the City, which could help identify the aliens in the area.

The minister said that no rallies would be allowed as only mourning procession could be taken out in the City during Muharram.

On this occasion, Additional AIG police said that one brigade of the Pakistan Army would be alert during the Muharram and would be being deployed in the City.