BAHAWALPUR - Federal Minister for Textile Makhdoom Shahabuddin said that restoration of Bahawalpur province was not feasible because ground reality and financial position of the area do not support the area to become a province, adding that his party was strong supporter of South Punjab province and his party would create it. “The general election will be held as per schedule and a caretaker government will be announced in March 2013 after completion of the present assemblies’ tenure. Only the Pakistan People Party will make new province of Southern Punjab. Bahawalpur is not suitable for becoming a province,” he said.He observed that a conspiracy was hatched against him at the time of prime minister’s election because some elements did not want that an honest man to sit on the chair of prime minister. He said in fact the conspiracy was against his area and not only against him. He said, “I am not involved in Ephedrine case. The Supreme Court has cleared me in the case by granting me a bail. The people of this area were neglected in the past but now no one can grab their rights.” He said that the per capita spending on Lahore was at Rs35,000 per person but the spending on Layyah is Rs500 per person. He said that the difference was creating an inferiority complex among the people of South Punjab. He claimed that the PPP was a party of federation. He said, “To me, Bahawalpur is more feasible to become capital city than Multan. Those were against Bahawalpur province in 1970 have become strong supporter of it. I ask them, how did this change happen?”Later, he addressed the District Bar Association of Bahawalpur and announced a grant of Rs1.5 million each for tehsil bar associations of Bahawalpur and Rs600,000 for the Female Bar Association.80pc sans potable water: About 80 per cent population of the district is facing hardship due to non-availability of potable water which has been causing different kind of epidemics in the area. This was disclosed in a survey report of a NGO “Awaz Foundation Pakistan” here the other day. The report revealed that only 24 filtration plants were installed in the district for the population of more than 4 million people while 4 filtration plants in Bahawalpur, Yazman and Ahmedpur East had been out of order for the past quite sometime but no step could be taken to repair these plants. It was responsibility of the authority to provide water at people’s doorsteps, but the authority was not taking notice of the increasing problems of the people, the report said. People of different areas of the district expressed their view about the problem of non-availability of water and inadequate supply system. The NGO also reviewed the health conditions in the district in its monthly meeting. The NGO underlined the need for a proper schedule of monitoring of the Rural Health Dispensaries to improve the healthcare system in the rural areas.