LAHORE – Vowing to continue to serve the masses, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Tuesday said redressing public grievances is his mission.

Talking to complainants from various districts at Model Town, he directed police authorities to help people get justice so that the masses do not have to visit police stations repeatedly. He pointed out that had the police provided justice to the aggrieved persons, the complainants would not have to be redressed by him.

The chief minister was of the view that the the police, as a department, was not discharging responsibilities properly. Shahbaz Sharif stressed that he wanted to evolve such a system where justice is available to the aggrieved at his doorstep. He said that by providing assistance to the aggrieved persons,  blessings of Allah Almighty would be earned.  PML-N Lahore President Pervaiz Malik, secretary prosecution, police authorities and a large number of complainants were present on the occasion.

On the complaints of citizens, the chief minister issued on-the-spot instructions for immediate redressal of their grievances, while directing concerned police authorities to extend maximum assistance possible.  Shahbaz said that the police ought to investigate criminal cases in accordance to the principles of justice, as providing common man his rights in a just manner in his top priority. He said that those police officers who discharge their duties honestly and dutifully, while providing justice to people, are highly praiseworthy.

However, he warned, those police officers, who would display negligence or create impediments in providing justice to the people would never be tolerated. He ordered police authorities to meet all needs of justice during their investigation into cases on the basis of merit and directed police authorities to take strict action and award exemplary punishment to those police officials who make wrong and faulty investigation.

He directed police authorities not to show any weakness or laxity in providing justice to the common man. Chief Minister pointed out that even today, common man is desperately looking for justice, therefore, it is a collective challenge and an opportunity for us to provide citizens with justice.

Separately, Shahbaz Sharif met Federal Science and Technology Minister Changez Jamali.  During the meeting, the CM stressed the need of acquiring modern knowledge, saying that the dream of a prosperous society cannot be materisled without progress in the field of science and technology. He added that Punjab government is following a revolutionary programme to introduce the latest technology to the youth.

The CM informed the federal minister that more than 4000 latest IT labs were set up at the school level in Punjab and the distribution of over 100,000 laptops has been done among brilliant students on the basis of merit. He said that in the current fiscal year, equal number of laptops would be distributed among the students of evening classes, religious seminaries and educational institutions of Islamabad.

He told the Minister about the Metro Bus Project, and said that it would be the biggest transport project in the state’s history, which will change the travelling pattern of people. He also explained various aspects of the project and the usage of modern technology therein.  Federal Minister for Science and Technology Changez Jamali said that Punjab government is making good progress in many development sectors which is highly appreciable.