KARACHI - Anti-Extremist Cell of the Crime Investigation Department claimed to have foiled a major terror activity ahead of Muharram by arresting four alleged members of banned Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.

AEC officials during press conference held at Garden Police Headquarters on Tuesday disclosed the arrest of culprits, namely as Asif Hussain alias Abdullah, Yasin alias Yawer, Hafiz Muhammad Mubarak alias Omar and Hazrat Ali alias Murtaza.

They said that they were arrested during separate raids in different parts of the City, adding that 25 kilograms of explosive material, ten feet detonating wire, four hand grenades, two Kalashnikovs, three TT pistols and a 9mm pistol were recovered from their possession.

Officials said that they were involved in targeted killings of 15 people on sectarian grounds in different parts of the City during recent wave of target killings in City areas included Qasba Colony, Orangi Town, Manghopir, Old Golimar and Taimuria.

The culprits sought to carryout bomb blast during Muharram to flare up the sectarian clashes in the City, adding that one Asif was also involved in abduction of prominent supplier of Nato forces, Shaukat Afridi. Afridi was killed when two suicide bombers blew themselves up when the CID team raided their hideout in Baldia Town on September 2008.

The arrested suspects were also accused of having their involvement in at least 80 cases of robberies in the City to generate funds.

On the other hand, Rangers have detained about 23 suspects during targeted raids in nine different parts of the City, including Bilal Colony, Shamsi Society, Model Colony, Gulshan-e-Maymar, Awami Colony, Liaquatabad, Punjabi Club and Post and Telegraph Colony.

According to Rangers sources, 16 weapons and hundreds of ammunitions were also recovered from their possession and few target killings including notorious target killer Shamimur Rehman was also among the detainees.

Manghopir police claimed to have recovered nine hand grenades during a raid conducted at Kunwari Colony area. According to police, they found the hand grenades from an empty plot reacting on a tip-off, adding that these grenades had to be used in the terror activities while further investigation was underway.