MQM announced a referendum to seek public opinion on Quaid-i-Azam‘s Pakistan and Taliban’s Pakistan. MQM has been an ideological challenger to Taliban’s ideological onslaught for the last few years. Taliban on the other hand have openly challenged the legitimacy of Pakistani state. Theirs is an ideology according to which Pakistan has to be governed under strict Sharia law. MQM which represents the sentiments of left and centre left elements of our society is in a state of uproar over the rising influence of ultra right in urban middle classes of Sindh. MQM till today has relied heavily on the constituencies in urban Sindh for their brand of politics. The announcement of the said referendum was an effort to secure a large vote bank and to jolt all the leftist elements against the rising Taliban threat. Now when the referendum has been postponed, it would seem to curry favour with the right leaning forces and would cause dismay in the left leaning liberal elements in the mega-city of Karachi. The battle is on for control of Pakistan’s largest city’s political future. This could also be decisive for the future of all liberal elements in Pakistan, but still all efforts should work towards modernity rather than any one extreme factor to save the country and Karachi’s future.MALIK ATIF MAHMOOD MAJOKA, Australia, November 11.