President Karzai has been placing too high a premium on President Obama’s victory perhaps thinking it gives him the mandate to further intensify belligerence against Pakistan. His paradox is that he has had not much success in setting things right in his own homeland let alone the capital Kabul, where the hydra-headed monster of warlords, drug barons, and Taliban prevailing over his writ has taken the entire country in its tentacles. It is hence most convenient to blame Pakistan. The EU has now suspended aid over what it calls is the shoddy way the government is being run, a reality check enough to prove him wrong. However, the unrealistic harangue continues and has gotten more intense in New Delhi during the past few days. He gave his word to his Indian hosts that he would talk to Obama to bring him round to bombing the miscreants’ hideouts across the border. This moaning and groaning is music to the ears of a certain type of audience but harmful for bilateral equation with Pakistan that has invariably stood by Afghans whatever the odds. It is not clear what it is that President Karzai is wishing for? Already there are drones invariably hovering above the tribal belt, pounding rockets at will. What could be worse? On more than one occasion the indiscriminate fire from the Afghan Army too has lost Pakistani security forces many lives. President Karzai’s famous unpredictability may be amusing in a sitcom character, but is unbecoming of a statesman. Especially worrying for Pakistan, considering it considers neighbouring Kabul to be the most important capital in the world.