ISLAMABAD - It is a common practice that any new system drives out the old one but the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) in the capital city is the only department where two different formula of promotion are in practice simultaneously, which has created confusions and uncertainties.

No doubt the newly introduced time-scale formula has brought about revolutionary change regarding the promotion of the teachers but at the same time some problems have also erupted out due to the overlapping of the two promotion formula including the existing four-tier formula and the newly devised time-scale formula.

According to information since the time-scale formula is tied with the four-tier promotion formula i.e. one cannot be benefited from the time-scale unless he or she has been promoted through four-tier, in order to get time scale promotion into BPS-19, the teacher has to be promoted into BPS-18 first through four-tier promotion system.

The teachers complained that problem with four-tier formula is that it slows down the regular promotions abnormally and causes despair to the teachers and consequently weakens their morale to work with dedication. Usually a teacher is stuck in the same grade, in certain cases for more than 18 years. Such a system of promotion has compelled many good teachers to quit the department for better future to other departments that offer comparatively lucrative prospect. Professor Tariq Mehmood Baloch, General Secretary Federal Government College Teachers Association (FGCTA), regretted, “A lecturer has to wait for his promotion for years to become a full professor, if he is lucky enough to have the vacant post on retirement of his senior. Otherwise he is obliged to retire in BPS-18 as assistant professor or maximum BPS-19 as associate professor.”

According to time-scale, a teacher of BPS-17 is eligible for BPS-18 after 5 years service. As a result this brings about a positive change in the financial status of the teacher, which ultimately improves his efficiency to the classroom as well as checks the brain drain of qualified teachers from the department of education.

Professor Yasmeen Bokhari, Vice President FGCTA, informed that realising the fact the former Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani tried to balm the teachers to some extent and approved time-scale promotion formula on Oct 8, 2010 for the teachers of schools and colleges working under FDE. However, the officials of the Ministry of Capital Administration and Development did not even think to consider that two promotion formulas could not be applied simultaneously.

Khalid Mehmood, a lecturer who has recently got promotion in BPS-18 on the basis of time scale formula, informed TheNation, “It seems ridiculous that I will again be promoted to BPS-18 on the basis of four-tier formula after 10 years. I have got promotion in BPS-18 but surprisingly my pay has decreased. The hide and seek of subsequent promotions to the same grade should be stopped’.

An assistant professor of H-9 college on asking for comments said, “I have been promoted to BPS-19 according to time-scale formula and an assistant professor who stands above me in seniority list is still in BPS-18 because his service is less than required 12 years for time-scale formula. What a joke it is, an officer promoted to BPS-19 is junior to one in BPS-18. Moreover, after he completes desired length of service, he will get promotion to BPS-19 according to time-scale.” Such chaos does not exist anywhere else except in the promotion of teachers under FDE. Spokesman for FGCTA Professor Tahir Mahmood, when contacted, said, “Instead of replacing four-tier formula with time-scale formula, the Ministry of CAD has kept both the promotion formulas intact.

The officials dealing with the promotion cases of the teachers at FDE are always found with pretext of delaying on side of promotion at the expense of the other. The two parallel systems of promotion cannot be run together so the four-tier formula of promotion should be replaced with the time scale formula.

‘This is the only way to bring both the teachers as well as those preparing cases of promotions, out of the chaos. AGPR and other linking offices are still confused in fixing financial benefits. AGPR authorities do not consider it promotion so the benefit of “Premature Increment” is not being given to promoted teachers. They are fixing the pays of the teachers on the basis of upgradation whereas Ministry of CAD has notified it as promotion’.

He demanded the process of promotion through time scale may be regularly streamlined and those who have completed length of service after January 1, 2011 be promoted to the next grades.