LAHORE – American bluegrass band Della Mae played to an enthusiastic audience at the Ali Auditorium on Tuesday. The five-member all-women band is currently touring Pakistan as part of the US department of State’s ongoing cultural exchange efforts.

Della Mae is a Boston-based band formed in 2009 out of a yearning for a traditional bluegrass sound in the heart of New England. The band includes Kimber Ludiker, Celia Woodsmith, Shelby Means, Jenni Lyn, and Courtney Hartman. One of the main objectives of the band is to showcase strong women in bluegrass.

During their tour in Lahore, the band collaborated with the Pakistani band Laal and recorded a song with the group. Della Mae also had a jam session at a local college where they leaned about Pakistan’s rich musical heritage.

Della Mae’s musical style seamlessly blends years of experience with traditional mountain music and modern singer-songwriter sensibilities. Della Mae has toured throughout the US, playing at festivals, musical establishments, houses concerts, churches.

They have also conducted workshop to educate the public about bluegrass music.  The band arrived in Lahore after a successful tour of Islamabad.