Drone attacks have always been a thorny issue in the Pak US relations. There are conflicting reports on drone attacks. Some international organisations of human rights have openly termed such attacks as illegal and inhuman but it is also thought that such reports are at times exaggerated.

Meanwhile government’s stance on the drone is extremely confusing. Officials on the one hand call upon Americans to stop the attacks and on the other provide statistical evidence that these attacks are actually serving the interests of US. If they have killed a terrorist of Hakimullah’s ilk, isn’t that a great favour the Americans have done to us. Why do we still go on ranting the US is that and US is that?

The situation is so perplexing that it has divided public opinion in the country. No one knows what the reality is. The attacks are actually carried out with the approval of Pakistani authorities but still the people are made to believe it is the other way round.

The fact was recently admitted by the prime minister in his recent visit to the US in which he loudly admitted ‘internal problems’ as major issue of Pakistan. Internally stable countries usually perform better on foreign policy front and that explains why we have not.

The attack has also indicated that there might be a level of misunderstanding between the political government and the establishment. Pakistan’s reliance on external resources is yet another reason why it is reluctant to be honest with its people.

Pakistan has suffered very heavily in the last decade owing to unclear foreign policy and lies told by the ruling elite. Now is the time that the show must be run by the elected representatives of the people and should drive Pakistan out of this quagmire. The task is hard but not harder than the resolve of Pakistani nation.


Australia, November 3.