A US-drone attack killed TTP chief Hakimullah Masood, responsible for deaths of thousands of innocent Pakistani men, women and children. We should all thank God for His mercy but our government, instead of feeling relieved and grateful, has gone into a swoon, lamenting this evil terrorist’s death, protesting and threatening the US. There are cries and meetings and nonsensical statements from politicians, even Imran Khan, instead of uttering a wise statement has joined band wagon led by fools. It appears the entire Pakistan is in a mourning for the death of a ruthless killer and terrorist.

And this game of negotiations! With whom? Did the TTP, stop its attacks after the offer of negotiations, or offered to lay down their arms or show any signs of compromise on its demand for a twisted Shariah? No, instead they increased attacks, killing hundreds more and a brave General of our army.

The need of the hour is to take strict action against such terrorist outfits; we should use all our manpower and resources to eradicate this evil completely and totally, once and for all.


Lahore, November 3.