A child was killed and two others sustained injuries when a desperate addict opened indiscriminate fire in his house for not providing him with money to get narcotics.

Zubair, a resident of village 57/NB, asked his family members to give him money so that he could buy heroine. On the refusal, he got infuriated and opened indiscriminate fire. Resultantly, his 5-year-old nephew Asif died on the spot while his son Shehyar and other nephew Bashir received bullet injuries and were rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

A man and his son died in road accident on Lahore Road in the remits of Laksian Police.

One Mohammad Riaz with his son Manazir was going on a motorbike when they reached near Laksian Bus Stop a speedy coach hit them and both father and son died on the spot.

The coach driver managed to escape from the screen .

In another mishap, a recklessly driven motorcycle rickshaw turned turtle due to over speed at Jhawwarian. Resultantly, 8 passengers including women and children received wounds.