LAHORE - Jamaat-i-Islami on Wednesday dispatched a letter to the prime minister after approval of its chief Syed Munawar Hasan.

The letter was posted to the PM House, Islamabad as well as Jati Umra and H-Block Model Town, Lahore.

The JI had decided to write a letter to the PM regarding ISPR’s press statement demanding explanation from Jamaat chief on his statement calling TTP chief Hakimullah Mehsud as a martyr a couple of days ago.

The JI letter reads, “JI despite having respect of Pakistan, Pak Army and its sacrifices think that all state institutions including army should work in their limits set by the Constitution.  The masses, judiciary and media have tried to restrict the state institutions after a long struggle. The ISPR’s direct statement against a religious and political party appears beyond the jurisdiction. On the other hand, the esteemed institution never questioned regarding irregularities, corruption, exploitation by various elements and persons in the country.” “JI being a political and democratic party thinks it answerable before law and masses. JI ready to face every forum but within the limits of code and conduct framed by the Constitution. Institutions know that the JI had rendered a lot of sacrifices for the country. How can a press release of ISPR deny these sacrifices?”

“The JI has been condemning the war on terror and US and Nato attack on Afghanistan from the day first and thinks that Nato forces withdrawal from the region was necessary for the establishment of peace. The JI stance is according to the resolution of the parliament.”

It further reads, “We are proud of sacrifices of our army for defence of the country. However, military and civil establishment should announce to end the announced and hidden agreements with US.” “The JI has always condemned the terrorism and terms it as un-Islamic. However, every segment of society condemned the drone attack which claimed the life of Hakimullah Mehsud.

The JI thinks that the drone attack which killed the TTP chief was an attack on the unanimous stance of the nation as the attack sabotaged the peace process through dialogue.

We think that on the basis of some sentences by the JI chief, the old stance of JI should not be ignored. We think that it was also against the national interest to be involved in a debate which divides the nation.” 

“The JI urges the political and military leadership to focus on real issue of distancing the country from the US war as country’s survival depends upon it. It is an open secret now that the US wants to divide the military and nation of Pakistan to achieve its goals,” the letter says.

“The JI thinks in principle that peace in the country is not possible till establishment of peace in Afghanistan and talks with Taliban. That’s why every party supported the talks with Taliban in all parties’ conference.”

“We, through your good office, want to draw the attention of the nation, ulema and media towards the real issue. All issues faced by the country are linked with the establishment of the peace. In this regard, no pressure should be taken on the national unanimous stance for talks with Taliban. The JI considers its duty to extend support to all stakeholders including army and government for this purpose,” the letter concludes.