LAHORE - Punjab Agriculture Minister Dr Farrukh Javed said on Wednesday that adopting modern techniques in agriculture, livestock and oilseeds sectors could help Pakistan to obtain food autarky.

“Revamping role of private sector through incentives and creation of investment-friendly environment is one of the major benchmarks of PML-N led government,” he told APP.  The minister said the government had contributed a lot to the promotion of agriculture, livestock marketing and now grading of fruits for exports was being done by the private sector. He said, food security was as important as national security and bipartisan approach was required to fix the nuts and bolts of the emerging business embedded scenario which is not subjected to politics and ensures sustainability through continuity of policies of national importance. He said, agricultural research had been given new shape and now our research was aiming at discovery and interpretation of facts relating to our own realities and requirements.

The minister said, identification of problems was also a big achievement on the part of the agriculture department.  He said, keeping in view the share of agriculture in national economy steps were being taken to improve it further. Since, he said, Punjab was considered as food basket, latest machinery was being imported to get better yield.