I refer to a press conference dated November 9, 2013 addressed by Minister of State for Water and Power Mr Abid Sher Ali at Wapda House Lahore, where he stated that total losses due to power theft amounted Rs.242 billion last year. The irony was that he asked how can any government tolerate such loopholes in the system? Who was he asking? Are the people themselves responsible for huge losses?

He then promised that not only the power thieves but all of Wapda’s officials helping the power thieves would be taken to task. I believe the entire country would support the respectable minister in his endeavor and wish him success. As a matter of fact we have been hearing this rhetoric by the PML-N‘s political leadership during election campaign and after it came into power in June 2013 but did not see it matching action or any results. It is generally believed that all the honest consumers have been paying for the electricity stolen by the corrupt influential consumers but this cannot continue indefinitely.

I believe that one big cause of loadshedding is power theft. It must be controlled as soon as possible to ensure regular power supply to all domestic, commercial and industrial users so that our economy can progress. I would like to suggest that the government should prepare a serious professional plan indicating clearly the time required to achieve the target and share this with the public on regular basis.


Lahore, November 12.