Justice (R) Rana Bhagwandas has declined to become the CEC because the Election Commission, according to him, is not autonomous and independent. Well done, I salute you for your courage of conviction. This act is laudable as you were the only consensual candidate acceptable to all major political parties. At the same time one thing that bothered me was how come some of the honourable

Judges subject themselves to the judgmental remarks from politicians of being acceptable to some or not acceptable to others? Does such a ‘non acceptance’ not amount to raising questions on the character and impartiality of a judge? How dare the politicians do such a horrendous thing? The honourable judges are requested that as soon as a judge comes to know that his name is being discussed publicly, by the politicians, he should immediately inform them to stop it and that he would not be available for the position. The politicians must decide amongst themselves secretly – like the elections of the Pope at Vatican – and after having arrived at complete consensus, approach the ‘elected’ judge to oblige them by accepting to become the CEC.


Rawalpindi, November 9.