LAHORE - Lahore Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Amin Wains Thursday ordered the Crimes Investigation Agency (CIA) to launch a massive crackdown on illegal firearm dealers and those franchises selling unregistered SIMs.

A police spokesperson said the Lahore police chief has directed CIA SP Muhammad Umar Virk to immediately launch a crackdown against illegal firearm dealers to ensure eradication of illicit weapons from the city.

Similarly, the CCPO directed the officers to take indiscriminate action against the franchise dealers issuing mobile phone SIMS illegally or without identity cards or on the identity card of other persons as these unregistered SIMS are used in heinous crimes like kidnapping for ransom, extortion, murder and terrorism.

Meanwhile, SP CIA Muhammad Umar Virk presided over a meeting of the CIA police to review the strategy devised for the clampdown on firearm dealers.

In the light of the orders of Lahore CCPO, a strategy was also evolved in the meeting with regard to launching of a crackdown against franchise owners issuing mobile phone SIMS illegally besides the dealers involved in illegal arms selling.

The DSPs and In-charges of CIA circles told the meeting that mostly unregistered SIMS were used in heinous crimes due to which the criminals succeed in hiding their identity. Similarly, it was also revealed that a number of arms dealers are involved in the sale of illegal arms whereas some dealers have set up several shops on one license, where non-professional persons sell weapons and cartridges to the people without license or make entries against other license numbers.

Muhammad Umar Virk ordered the police to immediately launch a crackdown against arms dealers selling weapons and cartridges illegally and franchise owners selling unregistered SIMS.

He said that action should be taken under Section 109 PPC against those franchise owners and arm dealers whose SIMS and weapons are used in any crime.