SYDNEY : Eggs, tinned food, reptiles and surfboards will be banned in parts of Brisbane this week as Australia’s biggest peacetime deployment of police and soldiers braces for everything from unruly protests to mass hostage-taking at the Group of 20 summit. Bomb-detecting robots will be on hand, along with a drone for crowd surveillance, as U.S. President Barack Obama, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping join other leaders from the world’s richest nations in Australia’s third-largest city. The operation involving 6,000 police and 1,900 troops will be a high-visibility balancing act between protecting the world’s most powerful leaders at a time of heightened terrorism fears and showcasing what Australia hopes will be seen as its tolerance for political dissent. The G20 meeting in Toronto four years ago is considered the summit’s greatest public relations disaster with over 1,100 protesters arrested in a week amid reports of police brutality. ‘Wherever there’s been a major event, we’ve taken those lessons and we’ve implemented what we think should be in our plans from those lessons, particularly what happened in Toronto,’ said Queensland state assistant commissioner.