Actions and intentions share a close nexus. Actions, when motivated by the sincere intentions are bound to reap fruit. Application of this universal law to the political scenario of Pakistan reveals the grim fact that political leadership is surely not motivated by any sincere intentions, because doing so would have necessitated responses, which would have been poles apart from the ones that they are displaying now. The prime manifestation of this reality is the political gimmicks of PTI, a party which has been chanting anti-government slogans and has been accusing the government of being motivated by selfish motives.

In their attempt to expose the government PTI leadership, in fact exposed their own reality. Ethics would have demanded their ultimate resignation from the corridors of power, following their brash condemnation of a democratically elected government. However, this is not what happened, although PTI leadership had initially promised to do so. They kept on delaying their resignation and when they went to the Speaker of NA to verify their resignations, they were adamant on going before him as a delegation, although the speaker wanted them to come individually, so they returned without verifying their resignations.

This attitude reveals that PTI leadership fears desertion from its representatives as probably they were not willing to resign and were being coerced into doing so. They could not agree upon a unanimous decision as they never wanted to let go of power. It is time we seriously ponder over the fact that would we want Pakistan to be governed by a party that is infamous for being divided in its approach and whose members themselves claim Imran Khan to be a mini dictator? It is time we realize that actions do speak louder than words and the actions of PTI leadership speak volumes about their intentions.


Lahore, November 9.