LAHORE - Maryam Nawaz, the daughter of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, is not likely to hold any office in any development programme or scheme of the government, but she will remain very much active in the party to take care of social media side to reduce the burden of her father.

After stepping down ‘voluntarily’ as chairperson of the Prime Minister’s Youth Loan Programme in the background of a Lahore High Court petition against her appointment to this office, she expressed her resolve to continue to serve the youth and the country even after quitting the office. She said she had set the proramme in motion and now someone else should come forward to take its responsibilities.

Her statement clearly shows she will remain in the picture in the times to come, but in a different role.

When contacted on the future of Maryam Nawaz, a well-informed party source said Maryam would neither enjoy any position in any public-level programme in future nor did she want to reach the assembly, but she would show her presence in the party and, to some extent in the government affairs as well. At present, younger son of Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, Salman Shahbaz, is stated to be playing behind-the-curtain role in certain important affairs of the government, without holding any public office. But the role Maryam is going to get may be a step ahead of it.

Sources say it is sufficient for Maryam that she is the daughter of the prime minister who himself may not like to keep her away from the political business. As such the separate secretariat set up for Maryam at Model Town would remain buzzing with activity. In the past when she was not holding the slot of PMYLP chairperson, she was often seen at the meetings with the prime minister. She was considered as a helping hand of her father in certain ways and in the time to come she may not only be of great help to her father but also an active person in the party.

The sources say the worth of Maryam as a public mobiliser before the 2013 elections and on the side of social media has been well acknowledged within the party and outside. As such she may be assigned the duty of projecting the party programme. In addition, she may lead the youth, particularly women, and take care of their problems. These sources also do not ignore the importance of Maryam Nawaz even in the Prime Minister Youth Loan Programme as it has basically been architected by her besides making all key appointments in it. As such her input would be needed to properly run the Rs 100 billion programme even if she is not holding the headship of the same. She is also being tipped to take responsibility of monitoring the performance of the party men holding important portfolios and positions in the government.

About the reports on the likely replacement of Maryam in the programme with MNA Marvi Memon, the sources say no final decision to this effect has been taken at the party level so far. They say Marvi has been associated with the government under former military dictator Pervez Musharraf, so a section of the party has serious reservations over her appointment to this important office. They say the prime minister will remain in charge of the youth programme for the time being if no name is finalised immediately.