KARACHI - Muttahida Qaumi Movement leader Faisal Sabzwari on Thursday lambasted Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah over his handling of the humanitarian crisis in Thar due to which dozens of children have died in recent days.

Addressing a press conference along with the MQM legislators outside the Sindh Assembly building here on Thursday, he said the people in power should be ashamed of what was happening in Thar. The CM Sindh is responsible for all the affairs of the province.

Lashing out at the Sindh government for lack of seriousness over the issue, he said Thar situation had become alarming due to Sindh government’s bad governance and complete negligence. The matter cannot be solved by conducting demonstrational cabinet meeting in Mitthi. “We should be ashamed of ourselves that children are dying and rulers are finding excuses,” said the MQM leader.

Qaim, earlier on the Sindh Assembly floor, admitted that malnutrition in the region was the actual cause but now the CM was trying his best to hide his government’s incompetency by quoting lack of health facilities as the reason of famine, said Sabzwari.

He said the Sindh CM was praising MQM’s former health minister Dr Saghir Ahmed’s work on the assembly floor but now he was trying to put the responsibility of Thar on Dr Saghir Ahmed who remained on the slot of his ministership for just six months.

Declining the blame on the former health minister, MQM leader said the chief minister himself headed the programme to end malnutrition in the region which was being administered by Sindh Planning and Development Department.

Qaim is solely responsible for the present crisis in Thar, he added.

MPA Dr Sagheer claimed that CM Sindh is responsible for each and every death of the famine victim as not even a single canal had been allotted to Thar in the name of irrigation planning.

Furthermore, Izharul Hassan said the party had revealed discrimination over jobs in Thar as the CM had divided jobs among his party MPAs. What has been done for the welfare of the area by the chief minister in last six years, he questioned.