LAHORE - Punjab Governor Ch Muhammad Sarwar and the Sharifs are locked in a situation where neither of them is ready to take the first step towards isolation.

Going by his anti-government statements, Sarwar seemingly feels uncomfortable in the Governor House; somehow, he continues to perform his duties.

People come and tell him the horrific tales of troubles they are having at the hands of different government agencies. But the man sitting in the majestic building is simply helpless. No government official at senior position listens to him. He is unable to resolve the issues of overseas Pakistanis who look to him for help against vandalism of non-state actors.

The Sharifs are not happy with him either. They are apparently annoyed with him for his new-found love for the PTI and his not-so-hidden intentions to enter active politics. His penchant for good governance through local government system is also worrisome for them. The man from Glasgow believes in decentralisation of power as an antidote for all ills the country is in. “I have come from a background where there is justice for all. I just can’t tolerate injustice in any form,” he often tells his close friends.

This makes them strange bedfellows with divergent opinions. In this background, it is quite surprising how they are pulling themselves together.

Nobody can stop Ch Sarwar from resigning from his ‘not-so-obliging’ position. But he clings onto his office, leaving a question mark on his intentions to leave. Likewise, nothing can stop Sharifs from replacing him with a new face of their choice. Race is already on among the PML-N stalwarts to grab this slot, though ceremonial in nature. What are they waiting for? Both sides seem to be locked in a wait-and-see situation since it is important who takes the first step. Perhaps, Sarwar wants to become a ‘martyr’ by his possible removal at the hands of his old friends. Sharifs also think it is not a proper time to open yet another front, allowing political opponents to use it for political point scoring.

They have yet to deal with elderly Khosa from DG Khan, who is talking loudly of making a forward bloc within the party. Syed Ghous Ali Shah and Mumtaz Bhutto are creating troubles in Sindh. Though Dr Qadri has relented, but Khan is relentless. There are also reports that the PAT chief is coming back.

Sharifs seem reluctant to take any daring step under the circumstances. May be, the two are waiting for November 30 to pass and then take a decision accordingly. It would then be easy to decide whether to reconcile or part ways.