LAHORE - Hundreds of Sikh Yatrees returned India on Thursday through Wagah Border after attending the 546th birthday celebrations of their spiritual leader Baba Guru Nanak in Pakistan.

The yatrees had visited Pakistan some ten days ago and they appreciated the security arrangements and maintenance of their shrines made by the Pakistan government.

Additional Secretary (shrines), Khalid Ali, Deputy Secretary, Syed Fraz Abbas, deputy Secretary General, Azhar Nazir Sulahry, Sardar Sham Singh and PRO Aamir Hussain Hashmi were also present at Wagah Railway Station to see off the Yatrees.  Talking to media, Sardar Harjab Singh said that they would never forget the love and respect they were given by the Pakistani people. He said that there was no difference between Punjab of Pakistan and that of India. They also appreciated the development work done by the current government in and round their Gurdwaras.

Sardar Guru Bachan Singh said that maintenance of Gurdwaras like Pakistan was nowhere in the World. He said that Chairman ETPB had announced 1,000 rooms for the accommodation of the yatrees which would be another beautiful addition to their facilities.