Islamabad - Islamabad police have found a novel way to protect the community from criminals by placing barricades and closing streets, even the narrow passages connecting different localities of the area.

The move aimed at protecting citizens from monetary losses may have bothered the criminals but at the same time it seemed to have created troubles for the residents as well.

The decision taken by the local police in the name of security measures has not only annoyed the criminals but also the residents of the area as they find little way to one locality from the other. Life for the people residing in virtually sealed I-10 Sector of the federal capital was never that limited as it is today after the police blocked entry of the motorcyclists and other vehicles except from few points.   

The decision taken by the local police has not only caused difficulties for the residents of the area but the pedestrians and the sanitary staff of the CDA as well that could hardly find any way out once they are inside and vice versa.

According to a survey, the Sabzi Mandi police have placed concrete barricades on the entrance of the streets connecting the main service road and same is the case with other parts of the locality.

The step has been taken after media reported rampant cases of street crime in the sector, majority of which went unregistered with the Sabzi Mandi Police Station.

  Talking to The Nation, residents of I-10 sector said that they are facing problems in access to different localities of the area. “Even a slim person cannot pass across the barricade easily except from one or two points and what to talk about a person riding a bike or motorcar.… this is no way, the police should take other measures to protect citizens from street criminals,” said Nasir Iqbal who is a long time resident of the sector.

On the other hand, the sanitary staff is also facing a new kind of problem. First, they have to collect garbage from the houses on a wheelbarrow and then shift it in another trolley parked outside the barricade. “We are doing double labour after the entry has been limited to the area,” said a sanitary worker when asked if they are happy over the security measures taken by the police.

When contacted area SHO Asjad Mahmood said that the step has been taken in the light of the suggestions made by the residents of the area. “We held a meeting with the residents and they proposed to limit entry to the sector. Young Afghan boys come to the sector from across the IJ Principal Road; Khayaban and loot people at gunpoint. The residents cannot afford guards and keeping in view the same, we have decided to place barricades on the streets,” he said.

He was of the view that the step has been taken in the better interest of the residents. “When asked if police had not better and alternate option,” he said “We are doing our best to safeguard the lives and property of the people”.

According to the police record, the Sabzi Mondi police station registered four murder cases, six kidnapping under zina ordinance, one dacoity, 22 robbery and 40 vehicle theft cases during the last six months.

However, majority of the street crime went unregistered due to typical police reluctance in registering a case that can pose a question on the performance of the law enforcing agencies.