LAHORE - Inspector General of National Highways and Motorways police Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema has directed the officers to launch a special campaign against mechanically unfit vehicles.

The Inspector General said that those vehicles would not be allowed to enter on motorways and highways that don’t hold valid fitness certificate. He has also asked the zonal commanders to initiate stern action against the offenders as per law.

It has been observed that brake failure, tyre-bursting and other mechanical faults of the vehicles, have become the cause of many serious accidents and loss of precious lives on highways and motorways.

The Inspector General directed all zonal commanders to start all-out efforts to control such accidents and launch special awareness campaigns to sensitize road users in this respect.

The Inspector General said that passengers overloading in PSVs should not be tolerated in any case and those who carry passengers on the rooftop of the vehicles would be dealt strictly. The IG said that usually transporters get fitness certificates of the vehicles by implying unfair means and this practice needs to be curbed.

He also that the Motor Vehicle Examiner department, working at district level, have become hub of corruption and provincial governments pay no heed to this malpractice.

The government should take notice of this important issue and should encourage private sector to establish institutions of international standards for vehicle fitness examination, he added.

Following the directives, the NH&MP has restricted the entrance of mechanically unfit vehicles on highways and motorways to save precious lives of innocent commuters, a police spokesperson said Thursday.

The Inspector General also expressed his concerns over the prevailing system of driving licenses at district level which does not hold proper driving test and said that the district driving license authorities should follow the standards set by NH&MP for issuing driving license.