LAHORE - Jamaat-e-Islami chief Sirajul Haq has said that the West is the biggest violator of women’s rights as even the sanctity of the relationship between a daughter and her father has been shattered.

He made this claim while addressing a Women Conference at Mansoora Thursday where JI women wing leaders Humaira Tariq, Samiha Raheel Qazi, Begum Qazi Husain Ahmed and others were also present.

Siraj said that Islam protected women rights on top priority. It gave utmost sanctity to the relationship with women as a mother, sister, and daughter. The womenfolk were not only granted the right to inheritance and makes women as privileged class, but also makes them as a companion in the journey for preaching and Jihad, and the Righteous Caliphs and the Companions of the Holy Prophet(PBUH) used to consult their women on important issues.

The JI chief demanded that those who deprived their womenfolk of their right to inheritance be barred from contesting elections. He said a certificate for the grant of inherited property to sisters be made mandatory for acceptance of nomination papers by Election Commission, just like a certificate of clearing the utilities bills required for the purpose.  Siraj said that in order to build the country as a welfare state, it was imperative to create job opportunities for womenfolk who constituted 51 percent of population.

JI chief said that hundreds of thousands of women from all over the country would participate in JI 3-day congregation being held at the Minar e Pakistan from November 21.

Meanwhile, Siraj termed the arrest warrants for PTI chairman Imran Khan, PAT chief Dr Tahirul Qadri, KPK chief minister Pervaiz Khattak, Sheikh Rasheed and others a non-political move which would add fuel to the fire in the prevailing situation.