In Egypt, Aristotle found a plate with Zodiac carved in gold, could not make head or tail of it, sent it to Alexander far afield. He too was skeptical. Alexander however continued to roam naked around Ulysses to attract good fortune in his battles. He also drew solace from Aristotle-annotated Iliad hidden in his pillow. Spartacus believed in oracles. But, he too took Oracle of Delphi with a pinch of salt.

Forer proved that Zodiac and other psychic interpretations are vague. Better read Edward de Bono, psychologists Barry Beyerstein, Dickson and Kelly, Myers-Briggs (their Indicator) to avoid being deceived by fraudsters on streets and channels. Mathematician Leibnitz deciphered IChing (book of changes) into 64 predictions. Psychologist Jung believed in it. Countless people, including psychologists, lawyers, and writers (Jude Devreux) fell a prey to fortune tellers and psychics (The Psychic's $17 million Scam, Reader's Digest May 2014, p.86). In USA, a psychic (aamil) was sentenced to 10 years and one month (though prosecution sought 27 years sentence).

Will someone sue print media for publishing pseudo-scientific Zodiac predictions, and channels for distributing gold in tolas upon wild hunches (gambles). Print and promote instead scientific quizzes to arouse scientific curiosity and ingenuity of mind.


Rawalpindi, October 24.