The weather of Karachi changed on evening of 19th & 20th Oct 2015 between 5:00 to 6:00 PM, the hot summer evening suddenly changed and the whole city was whipped by the dust storm, and the advertisement hoardings creaked like they were about to fall.

These hoardings will caused major accidents if it would have fallen or damaged due to weather change, an incident of such type had occurred 5 years back when a 20x40 feet size had fallen down, that was installed on a petrol pump near Punjab Chowrangi. The Chief Justice of Sindh High Court has passed a statement few days before that we should have to look at laws of foreign countries for such type of branding/marketing but very sorry to say still no action has been taken.

Branding & marketing campaigns are parts of capitalism and no one can ignore its importance in business but there should be some ethics and social responsibilities of business so, it’s quite better to use small cloth banners/panaflex which should installed in the walls instead of these king size hoardings.


Karachi, October 23.