Indeed, rising religious intolerance in India has explicitly exposed Prime Minster Narendra Modi’s evil designs of Hindu-fying of Indian politics. The ongoing wave of barbaric activities of the far-right Shiv Sena extremists is fanning religious vandalism and bigotry in the swathes of the country. Owing to increasing violent attacks on religious minorities, the social fabric is tearing apart phenomenally. Regrettably, the incumbent BJP government is deliberately patronizing the escalating communal violence. Pakistan-bashing is, once again, being used as a tool to promote Hindu nationalism. The recent chain of shocking incidents including: lynching a Muslim man in Northern India over baseless rumors of eating beef, throwing paint on the face of Sudheendra Kukarni, the organizer of Pakistan’s former foreign minister Khurshid Kasuri’s book launching ceremony, cancellation of a prominent Pakistani singer Ghulam Ali’s musical concert and harassment of the PCB leadership by the Shiv Sena goons speaks volumes about soaring Hindu chauvinism in India. In fact, merging religion with politics is the major stumbling block to ensuring permanent peace and stability in this highly volatile South Asian region. As a consequence, a profound sense of intimidation and deprivation is prevalent among the secular and progressive segments of Indian society. Thus, the state-owned religious fanaticism has seriously undermined the prospects of a thriving secularism in India.


Lahore, October 23.