After 10 years Lahore High Court has given its judgement on the petition submitted by the owners of Indus Sugar Mills and RYK Sugar Mills concerning the relocation of their sugar mills in an area which is in violation of ban by 1963 Punjab Industries Ordinance. It is not clear from the judgement what will be status of Ittefaq Sugar Mills and Haseeb Waqas Sugar Mills which have already been shifted from District Sahiwal and Nanakana District to other sites owned by the Sharif Brothers family members? These Sugar Mills have been operational for the last 3 years.

Will the country’s rulers will not respect the law the how can the supremacy of rule of law be enforced? Recently the Supreme Court of Pakistan rejected the petition, in which early dispensation of justice was being pleaded. It is imperative to note that the petition regarding the violation of laws by the rulers must be decided as soon as possible, anyway justice delayed is justice denied.


Lahore, October 12.